ERASysAPP – First Joint Call for Proposals

ERASysAPP, the ERA-Net for applied Systems Biology, is launching its first joint call for project proposals. This transnational call on ‘Transferring Systems Biology Knowledge into Applications’ aims to encourage scientists from nine participating countries to collaborate and share resources beyond national boundaries.

The main conditions for interested systems biology researchers are:

  • A focus on application-oriented research approaches.
  • The research needs to address microorganisms, plants and/or animals within the area of life sciences and biotechnology, and tackle biological and physiological processes. Health and medical research will be accepted as long as the focus of the research is on the solution/answer to a biological question.
  • Only international research consortia consisting of a minimum of three and a maximum of eight research groups from at least three different participating ERASysAPP countries can apply.
  • Regulations defined in the National Annexes of the participating countries need to be met.

The participating countries are Cyprus, Germany, Latvia, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Sweden and Switzerland.

For Switzerland, granted a budget of maximal EUR 2 million for this call. Swiss research groups may apply for up to EUR 400,000 per project proposal. Only academic groups can be supported with these funds. Public-Private Partnerships are welcome, but private partners will need to secure their own funding.

The submission deadline for proposals will be January 31, 2014. 
All proposals must be submitted online using the electronic proposal submission system which will be available as of November 21, 2013 at:

For further information on the present call and to download relevant call documents, visit:


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