The new webpage goes live!

With regard to the second phase of (2013-2016), the website was adapted to the objectives of the forthcoming stage. During which the infrastructure enabling Swiss scientists to perform long-term systems biology research should be established, and the collaboration with private institutions strengthened. Achieving this aim requires appropriate means of communication.

New layout and optimized structure

The website still remains the core of in matters of communication. But the webpage is no longer just an information platform serving the far-flung community of researchers. From now on, external contacts, for example, from private industry or media professionals, can gain a comprehensive understanding and awareness of and systems biology as a future-oriented research direction.

Well connected thanks to new tools

Prerequisite for successful consolidation is the formation of a well-connected research community. In order to facilitate this process, two new tools have been integrated on the webpage that support the networking of scientists from different disciplines and thus promote the exchange of knowledge and skills.
On the one hand, the presentation of IPhD Projects makes it possible to find colleagues in the same field or graduate students with other specializations by means of a data-based search function. On the other, provides the virtual blackboard «X-connect», which offers the community a further, highly attractive information platform, to get connected with each other and form new research collaborations. X-connect is in the starting phase. Get connected!

Increased publicity

But what's the use of all the effort and research successes, if no one knows about it? will therefore be increasing its public relations work and help scientists to present their work in the public media. In future, research topics that are appropriate for reporting in the public media will be processed in media-suitable manner and presented under a separate menu item.
Another way to increase the visibility of the community is the « YouTube Channel».

Do you think the topic of your research might be suitable for publication in the daily press or for a video post? If so, don't hesitate to contact us at communications(at)


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