Preparing for the conclusion of was launched in 2008 with a limited lifespan, and will conclude in 2018. There will be neither an extension, nor a new initiative in systems biology thereafter. It will be important, however, to carefully plan the final stages of the initiative as a whole as well as of the individual projects. So what remains for project leaders to do?

2017 will be the last fully operational year of the Management Office. The 3rd International Conference, from 4-7 September 2017 in Zurich, will bring the initiative to a close. In 2018, the management office will be gradually scaled back, the last research projects successively concluded, and in autumn 2018 the final Scientific Report will be submitted. In 2019, the final Financial Report will be published and the Partnership formally disbanded. It is therefore important for project leaders to submit their final financial and scientific reports on time.

Overview of the most important deadlines

Date Measure / Action
2017 Final full operational year
4-7 Sep 2017 3rd International Conference, Zurich
Dec 2017 Close of normal business in the management office
2018 Winding down year
Jun 2018 Final payments to projects
Late 2018 Final scientific report from PI to
Dec 2018 Last scientific activities of all projects
2019 Termination of
Feb 2019 Final financial reports from projects to
Sep 2019 Final repayments of unused project funds from PI to
Dec 2019 Formal close of the reduced Management Office

Important questions and answers

Until when can I use my allocated project funds?
Allocated project funds can be used for the official duration of your project, up until the end of December 2018 at the latest. If your project runs until 2018 you will have to submit a final financial report by February 2019.

What do I need to do to conclude my project?
After finishing your project, you will have to submit a final scientific progress report by the following July, as well as your financial report by February of the following year. If your project runs until 2018 you will have to submit your final annual scientific progress report by late 2018, as well as your final financial report by February 2019.

What happens with the unspent project funds?
Any remaining funds that have not been spent by the end of December 2018 must be returned to You will receive an invoice from us, and the funds will be paid back to the federal government in due course.

Can I extend my project if I need more time?
There is an official duration for each project type. If you need more time beyond the official funded period, and you have left-over funds to use up, you can ask the management office for an extension to your project (not possible for IPhDs and TPdFs). Please note that any such extension will not entail any additional financial support from

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