22 new projects approved

Within the framework of the 7th call for proposals, interested parties had until April 15, 2013 to submit their research proposals for Transition Postdoc Fellowships and Interdisciplinary PhD Projects.

Transition Postdoc Fellowship (TPdF)

In this category the search was on for young, ambitious researchers who wish to carry out their own interdisciplinary project independently. The time frame is limited to two years with the option of a third year extension.

Out of the 28 submitted proposals an expert group of the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) and the Scientific Executive Board (SEB) of SystemsX.ch approved the following 13 projects for funding:

Main Applicant Title Host Research Group
Azarias, Guillaume (UniBas) Dissecting a spatio-temporal Rho GTPase signaling network regulating neuronal growth cone extension Pertz, Olivier
Basan, Markus (ETHZ) Systems-level study on the origin and variation of lag times in E. coli Sauer, Uwe
Betizeau, Marion (ETHZ) 4-Dimensional Analysis of Neural Stem Cell Commitment in the developing Telencephalon Iber, Dagmar
Blattmann, Peter (ETHZ) Understanding the genotype to phenotype transformation for cholesterol regulation using a network based approach Aebersold, Ruedi
Buljan, Marija (ETHZ) Assessing the impact of cancer-associated mutations on the kinase interaction networks Aebersold, Ruedi
Di Palma, Serena (UZH) 3D mass cytometry - a new technology for multiparameter tissue imaging Bodenmiller, Bernd
Dobay, Maria Pamela (UniL) Applications of network reconstruction, graph theoretic analysis and qualitative modelling to virus-host interaction networks Delorenzi, Mauro
Kartal, Önder (UZH) Mathematical Modeling of Population Epigenetics Grossniklaus, Ueli
Limenitakis, Julien (UniBE) Systems modeling of the metabolic network of a gut microbial community Macpherson, Andrew
Skylaki, Stavroula (ETHZ) Computational fate prediction of embryonic stem cell subpopulations Schroeder, Timm
Spiliotopoulos, Dimitrios (UZH) Expounding epigenetiX Caflisch, Amedeo
Urdy, Séverine (UZH) Morphogenesis of monolayer epithelia: in silico models and in vitro experiments Aegerter, Christof
Zaballa, Maria Eugenia (EPFL) Interplay between lipid composition and ER structure and function: a systems approach van der Goot, Gisou

Interdisciplinary PhD Projects (IPhD)

One of SystemsX.ch's main tasks is the promotion and training of future generations of systems biologists. SystemsX.ch therefore regularly launches calls specifically aimed at promoting interdisciplinary doctoral theses.

From a total of 18 submitted proposals the expert group of the SNFS and the SEB elected 9 applicants:

Title Mentors
Exploring response surfaces and synergistic interactions of antibiotic combination treatment for Neisseria gonorrhoeae Althaus, Christian (UniBE); Endimiani, Andrea (UniBE); Low, Nicola (UniBE)
Systems Analysis of a Morphogen Response Basler, Konrad (UZH); von Mering, Christian (UZH)
A massively parallel space-time connected approach based on implicit active contour methods to track leukocytes observed by multiphoton intra vital and confocal microscopy Fernandez Gonzalez, Santiago (USI); Krause, Rolf (USI); Thelen, Marcus (USI); Bronstein, Michael (USI)
Dynamic single-cell analysis through microfluidics-enabled impedance spectroscopy and fluorescence microscopy Hierlemann, Andreas (ETHZ); Stelling, Jörg (ETHZ)
QuantX - Quantification of Amino Acid Transporter Interaction through System Identification Kurtcuoglu, Vartan (UZH); Verrey, François (UZH)
Numerical models of reaction-diffusion / chemotaxis determining complex patterns of skin appendages and skin coloration: incorporating 3D, growth, and realistic networks of activators/inhibitors Milinkovitch, Michel (UniGE); Chopard, Bastien (UniBas)
High-throughput microfluidic single cell analysis platform for deciphering heterogenity in stress-responsive signalling Peter, Matthias (ETHZ); deMello, Andrew (ETHZ)
Integrating transcriptional and allosteric regulation in central metabolism of E. coli Sauer, Uwe (ETHZ); Stelling, Jörg (ETHZ)
Cause and necessity of metabolic adaptation in human epidermis Zamboni, Nicola (ETHZ); Claassen, Manfred (ETHZ)

For the duration of three years, with an optional additional year, SystemsX.ch will financially support one doctoral student for each project.

The next call for Transition Postdoc Fellowships and Interdisciplinary PhD Projects will be published in early 2014 with a submission deadline in late spring 2014.


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