Recommendations for systems biology education

The international networks ERASysAPP and ISBE have jointly published a paper with their recommendations for Masters-level curricula in systems biology. “Strategies for structuring interdisciplinary education in systems biology: a European perspective” was published at the end of May in the online journal npj Systems Biology. The paper aims to contribute to a more standardized structure of Masters courses in Europe, and with it to a more clearly defined profile of tomorrow’s systems biologists. 
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Career development for young scientists

This year’s retreat at Schloss Münchenwiler focused on career development – a very important topic for PhD students and postdocs alike. The aim of the retreat was to give participants not only the specific tools but also the space to reflect on their own situations, values and prospective career choices.
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Scales, feathers and hair - same origin

Reptilian scales, bird feathers and mammalian hairs have all evolved from the scales of a common reptile ancestor. This finding has recently been published by researchers at the University of Geneva and the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics (SIB). Picture: © UNIGE 2016 (Tzika, Di-Poï, Milinkovitch)
This research was supported by the RTD Project EpiPhysX.
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A new tool brings personalized medicine closer

Scientists from EPFL and ETHZ have developed a powerful tool for exploring and determining the inherent biological differences between individuals, which overcomes a major hurdle for personalized medicine.
This research was supported by the RTD Project AgingX.
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