Latsis Symposium ETH Zurich on Personalized Medicine

The Latsis Symposium ETH Zurich on Personalized Medicine will take place from June 27-29, 2016 at ETH Zurich. The lectures will cover a wide array of topics from genes and (epi)genomic data to the implementation of personalized medicine in clinic. 
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Molecular Circuits for Dynamic Noise Filtering

Researchers at ETH Zurich have shown how statistical noise reduction schemes - such as those frequently found in electronic devices - can be realized using biochemical reactions. This could help improve the reliability of synthetic biological circuits and molecular devices and play an important role in the development of "smart" therapies. This research was supported by a TPdF grant.
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Save the date – 3rd International Conference 2017

We are pleased to announce the dates for the 3rd International Conference, which will take place on September 4–7, 2017 at the ETH Zurich. This will be the initiative’s final conference, bringing together the community one last time. The conference will focus on the results coming out of the final wave of projects, as well as include an excellent program of international speakers.


A different approach to supporting young scientists

A postdoc’s role is demanding and multifaceted. It brings a lot of responsibility, for example when supervising students, without embodying a formal leadership role. Postdocs find themselves in a sort of “sandwich position” between research group leader and student, and are expected to simultaneously teach and conduct their own studies. Besides that, they also have to concentrate on furthering their own careers. The participants at this year’s Postdoc Workshop learned how to identify and cope with the different roles required of them as postdocs. more »


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