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From September 4-7, 2017, around 200 scientists from a variety of disciplines participated in the 3rd International Conference on Systems Biology at ETH Zurich. The event represented the conclusion of and showed that the initiative's philosophy of interdisciplinarity has resulted in fruitful collaborations and results which would otherwise never have been achieved.

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New Swiss Society of Systems Biology

Life Sciences Switzerland (LS2) is opening a new section in November 2017: the Swiss Society of Systems Biology. The new section will offer a platform for the systems biology community after comes to an end in 2018. Don’t miss the Systems Biology Symposium at the LS2 Annual Meeting in February 12-13, 2018 in Lausanne. members are encouraged to become members of the new society. More information will follow in due course.


System Mensch: Das letzte Geheimnis

Warum altern wir? Wie werden wir krank? Wie funktioniert unser Gedächtnis? Der Dokumentarfilm „System Mensch: Das letzte Geheimnis“ zeigt, wie sich Forschende verschiedenster Disziplinen gemeinsam auf eine Reise in das Innere unserer Zellen begeben und dort nach Antworten auf diese und viele weitere Fragen suchen.
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Digital pathology toolbox

The Bodenmiller group at the University of Zurich has developed a novel digital pathology toolbox (histoCAT) which allows an interactive analysis of tissue architecture at the single cell level. They use their toolbox to highlight the importance of cell organization and interactions in breast cancer and how this can be used for patient classification.
This research was supported by a Transition Postdoc Fellowship as well as the RTD Project PhosphoNetPPM and the MRD Project MetastasiX.
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