21.01.2018 to 23.01.2018

Rigi-Workshop: Networks and interactions - from species to communities - Rigi Kulm, Switzerland

Want to learn about biological, evolutionary and social interactions of species? To formulate and model species-interaction concepts? To cross disciplinary borders and share similarities and differences between social and natural sciences? The Swiss Academy of Sciences' Platform Biology and Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research WSL co-organize the upcoming Rigi-Workshop „Networks and interactions - from species to communities“ from January 21 -23, 2018. The 3-day workshop is open to PhD students from all Swiss institutions of Higher Learning. Applications from Master students and Postdocs are also considered.
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Biozentrum Lectures 2018 - Basel, Switzerland

Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard, Professor and Director of the Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology in Tübingen is the speaker of this year’s Biozentrum Lecture "How fish colour their skin – a paradigm for development and evolution of adult patterns". The lecture will take place on January 24, 2018 at the Pharmazentrum of the University of Basel.  
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27.01.2018 to 31.01.2018

International Congress of Cell Biology 2018 - Hyderabad, India

The IFCB (International Federation for Cell Biology) and APOCB (Asian Pacific Organization for Cell Biology) are the two primary international organizations for cell biology and their mission is to foster cell biology research and Cell Biology Societies in countries across the world. The 13th IFCB congress and the 8th APOCB Meeting will be held in Hyderabad from January 27 to 31, 2017.
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Farewell Symposium Erich Nigg

This symposium will celebrate the life work and collaborations of Erich Nigg. The event will include a number of high-quality speakers, all scientists who have collaborated with Nigg in his laboratories in Zurich, Lausanne, Geneva, Munich and Basel, or who work in the same field. The scientific talks will focus on current research and span a wide range of contemporary topics. At the end of the Symposium, Nigg will present his Farewell Lecture on his 40 years of exploration. The event will take place on February 1, 2018 at the Biozentrum in Basel. 

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