10.09.2017 to 13.09.2017

Basel Life: Genomes in Biology and Medicinie - Basel, Switzerland

2017 will be the first year of EMBO at Basel Life, organised by the European Molecular Biology Organisation (EMBO) and chaired by Susan Gasser, Maria Leptin and a group of leading scientists. This high-ranking international scientific meeting will be combined with the well-established industry exhibition MipTec and a range of Innovation Forums on technology, application and business. Basel Life take places from September 10 - 13, 2017.
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11.09.2017 to 12.09.2017

Systems Biology of the Brain - Fribourg, Switzerland

The CUSO StarOmics Workshop “Systems Biology of the Brain” will take place from September 11-12, 2017, at the University of Fribourg. It will give an introductory overview of various aspects of analysis of the nervous system. Lectures will cover large-scale approaches to understanding genes, neurons and synaptic connections in the brain. Furthermore, the course will provide a broad overview of emerging fields and offer data handling solutions. Moreover, various genetic model systems will be presented – from simple invertebrates such as insects and nematodes to higher mammals. Download the flyer »
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12.09.2017 to 15.09.2017

13th [BC]2 - the Basel Computational Biology Conference - Basel, Switzerland

The 13th [BC]2 - the Basel Computational Biology Conference - is one of the key computational biology events in Switzerland, uniting scientists working in a broad range of disciplines, including bioinformatics, computational biology, biology, medicine, and systems biology. [BC]2 will take place from September 12-15, 2017 at the Congress Center Basel, Switzerland.
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Symposium Gene Drive Technologie - Ittigen bei Bern, Switzerland

An dieser Tagung präsentieren ExpertInnen aktuelle Forschungsresultate, theoretische Anwendungsbeispiele, sowie Überlegungen zu ethischen, rechtlichen und Sicherheits-Aspekten der „Gene Drive“ Technologie und diskutieren offene Fragen gemeinsam mit dem Publikum. Organisiert wird die Veranstaltung von den Foren Genforschung und Biodiversität der Akademie der Naturwissenschaften Schweiz (SCNAT), mit Unterstützung des Bundesamtes für Umwelt (BAFU). Das Symposium findet am 18. September 2017 in Ittigen bei Bern statt.
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