09.06.2013 to 22.06.2013

Erasmus Intensive Program - MoSyB 2013

Modeling in systems biology and synthetic biology (MoSyB)
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10.06.2013 to 11.06.2013

SIBS 2013 - Lausanne

Swiss Image-Based Screening Conference
This two days international event is structured around thematic sessions covering innovation in cell-based assays design and development with applicability to chemicals and siRNAs screening.
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10.06.2013 to 12.06.2013

WCSB 2013 - Tampere, Finland

The 10th International Workshop on Computational Systems Biology (WCSB) aims at bringing together the various communities involved in the different aspects of computational systems biology research, e.g. experimental biology, bioinformatics, machine learning, signal processing, mathematics, statistics, and theoretical physics. The scientific program includes keynote lectures, invited talks as well as regular sessions with contributed research talks and posters.
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12.06.2013 to 14.06.2013

Systems Biology of Human Disease - SBHD 2013

The International Conference on the Systems Biology of Human Disease 2013 is organized by the Helmholtz Alliance on Systems Biology in cooperation with the Council for Systems Biology CSB2, the Harvard Medical School in Boston and
Venue: German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), Heidelberg
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