04.04.2017 to 05.04.2017

Transcriptomics analysis: RNA-seq - Lausanne, Switzerland

This two-day course is targeted at any scientist / student who has to analyse RNA-seq data. Following topics will be discussed:
- The Structure of an RNAseq analysis pipeline:
- Raw data quality check
- RNAseq reads alignment
- Gene Expression level quantification by reads counting
- De novo Transcripts reconstruction and differential splicing
- Overview of downstream analysis
- Differential Expression analysis with R/Bioconductor packages
- Class discovery: Principal Component Analysis, Clustering, Heatmaps, Gene Set Enrichment Analysis
The course will take place from April 4 to 5, 2017 at SIB in Lausanne Switzerland.
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20.04.2017 to 21.04.2017

The Genotype Tissue Expression (GTEx) Project Community Meeting - Barcelona, Spain

The GTEx Community meeting is held annually and is open to the scientific community who are interested in learning more about the project and data, or who are already using the data in their research. Prior meetings have been held in the US at the Broad Institute (2014), the University of Chicago (2015) and at Stanford University (2016). This year, for the first time the meeting will be held in Europe, in Barcelona in April 20 - 21, 2017 following the completion of the main production phase of GTEx data. It will aim to congregate a community of scientists from all over the world that are using, or that plan to benefit from using, the GTEx data.
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30.04.2017 to 05.05.2017

Ascona Workshop 2017: Statistical Challenges iin Single-Cell Biology - Ascona, Switzerland

This interdisciplinary workshop is intended to be a forum for the dissemination of cutting-edge biotechnological and computational developments and the identification of open data analysis problems and solutions. Targeted areas for the workshop include: novel experimental techniques for single-cell analysis, statistical models of cell-to-cell variation, data integration, and applications of single-cell genomics to somatic variation in development and disease. The workshop will take place from April 30 to May 5, 2017 in Ascona, Switzerland. Applicatons are possible until January 15, 2017.
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14.05.2017 to 17.05.2017

Systims2017 - Ascona, Switzerland

The understanding of adaptive immunity is of paramount importance for human health and the prevention of disease. A full understanding of its complexity may only be gained by adopting a multi-scale systems approach that integrates high-throughput and computational methods. This conference will bring together established researchers and young scientists from different facets of the burgeoning field of systems immunology. Topics presented will range from data-driven mathematical modeling of the complex regulation of lymphocytes to the analysis of immune repertoires in health and disease. Systims2017 will be held from May 14 to 17, 2017 at the Conference Center Monte Verità, Ascona, Switzerland.
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