26.03.2018 Project AgingX in NZZ am Sonntag

The RTD Project AgingX was featured in the NZZ am Sonntag on March 25, 2018. The article describes some of the results of the project's genome-wide association study, revealing the influence of different environmental factors, such as smoking or even length of time spent in education, on aging. You can read the article here (subscription necessary).


10 years of Swiss systems biology

The 35th and final issue of the X-Letter magazine is published. Over the past 10 years, countless researchers have collaborated with us to explain their research, grant us interviews, give feedback and share pictures. We would like to thank all of you; it was a pleasure working with such a motivated and passionate community.
Read the X-Letter 35 and/or order the print magazine


How the lizard gets its speckled scales

A paper from the EpiPhysX RTD (Manukyan et al. Nature 544, 173–179) has been chosen by Nature‘s editors as one of their seven ‘News & Views’ choice cuts from 2017. Going from biology to mathematics, a multidisciplinary team directed by Prof. Michel Milinkovitch described how a living cellular automaton drives the patterning of the skin scales in the ocellated lizard. More information » 


A journey through the human body

The app accompanying the documentary film is now available to download on Apple and Android devices. The app comes in the form of a touchbook that uses text, images, films and games to introduce users to some of the cutting-edge research being undertaken in systems biology. The app is currently available in English for tablets only (both iPads and Android devices). It can be found by searching for “SystemsX” on your tablet in the app store. The download is free.

In addition, the French and Italian versions of the film are now available to view on our YouTube channel.

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