24 million Swiss francs for new research projects and Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) experts have approved eleven new research projects in the field of systems biology. More than half of these interdisciplinary projects address questions relating to cancer and infectious diseases such as tuberculosis and malaria. more »


ERASysAPP – First Joint Call for Proposals

ERASysAPP, the ERA-Net for applied Systems Biology, is launching its first joint call for project proposals. This transnational call on ‘Transferring Systems Biology Knowledge into Applications’ aims to encourage scientists from nine participating countries to collaborate and share resources beyond national boundaries. more »


New tool for diagnosing cancer

Within the Transfer Project μFluidX, pathologists at the University Hospital Zurich are collaborating with IBM scientists to test a new proto-type tool to accurately diagnose different types of cancer. This work is based on a technology developed by IBM scientists called a microfluidic probe, which slightly resembles the nib of a fountain pen. Read the press release published by IBM »


Gene activity and transcript patterns visualized for the first time in thousands of single human cells

Biologists of the University of Zurich have developed a method to visualize the activity of genes in single cells. The method is so efficient that, for the first time, a thousand genes can be studied in parallel in ten thousand single human cells. Applications lie in fields of basic research and medical diagnostics. The new method shows that the activity of genes, and the spatial or-ganization of the resulting transcript molecules, strongly vary between single cells.
This work was supported by
Read the press release published by the University of Zurich »


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