Systems biology meets epigenetics:

Scientists from the Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research and the Biozentrum of the University of Basel have published an important proof-of-principle study. These results are also important for the RTD Project «Cell Plasticity» as the same approach is applied to other models of differentiation and disease within this project.
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The rules of change: long-term imaging of brain plasticity

The team of Prof. Helmchen from the RTD Project «Neurochoice» developed a new method for long-term investigations of neuronal plasticity in the living mouse brain, which has implications for understanding pathological changes in neurological disorders.more »


Virus exploits cellular waste disposal system

ETH-researchers demonstrate how vaccinia virus manipulates the cellular waste-disposal system and thereby cleverly tricks the cell into assisting the intruders replication. Now, the virologists have turned the tables, using inhibitors of this cellular waste-disposal system as a way to block virus infection.

This work was supported by (RTD Projects InfectX and CINA)
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Trifunctional molecule decodes cellular communication

How does one define the factors on the surface of human cells to which a molecule of interest binds? This question is typically hard to answer. Researchers of ETH Zurich have developed a new technology that enables such investigations in the context of living cells. They successfully applied this technology to virus and cancer research.
This work was supported by (RTD Project InfectX).
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