Problem-solving governs how we process sensory stimuli

Exploring the sense of touch in mice, brain researchers from the University of Zurich demonstrate that the transmission of sensory information from one cortical area to connected areas depends on the specific task to solve and the goal-directed behavior.
This work was supported by (RTD Project Neurochoice).
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All Day 2013

Over 200 scientists from various disciplines and industry partners from took part in the All Day on May 13, 2013 at the Zentrum Paul Klee in Bern. The participants took the opportunity to learn about the development and current research projects of the network organization and to exchange knowledge.'s new RTD and Transfer Projects stood at the centre of the event.
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46 new project proposals submitted

With its 7th call invited research proposals for Interdisciplinary PhD Projects (IPhDs) and Transition Postdoc Fellowships (TPdFs). 18 IPhD and 28 TPdF proposals were submitted in total. With these two categories specifically wants to promote young scientists and help form the next generation of systems biologists. more »


All Day 2013: New Registration Deadline

The All Day 2013 takes place May 13 at the “Zentrum Paul Klee” in Bern. The one-day event offers participants an ideal platform to share knowledge and to learn about the current activities of the network organization Furthermore, the conference aims to enable new partners and scientists to make contacts and to lay foundations for new research collaborations. Registration deadline is April 17, 2013.
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