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Wieso die Schweiz auf die Systembiologie setzt
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7th Call for Proposals, the Swiss Initiative in Systems Biology, is looking for new graduate and postgraduate projects. To read the call, please click here.

Submission deadline for the proposals of this 7th call is April 15, 2013.more »

13.12.2012 sets off into the second half with 15 projects, the Swiss initiative in systems biology, sets off into the second half in 2013. Emphasis this time around is on the quantitative modeling of biological processes and medical questions. To instigate this second half, has approved yesterday 15 new, interdisciplinary research projects, which have a total budget of CHF 60 million at their disposal up until 2016.

Read the Media Release (PDF Download)


Systems biology meets epigenetics:

Scientists from the Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research and the Biozentrum of the University of Basel have published an important proof-of-principle study. These results are also important for the RTD Project «Cell Plasticity» as the same approach is applied to other models of differentiation and disease within this project.
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