Kinetic Modelling of Protein Palmitoylation/ Depalmitoylation Networks

The main objective of this work is to capture the interactions between the metabolic and post-translational modification (PTM, palmitoylations and phosphorylations) networks of lipids and lipidated proteins in a regulatory network to discover new regulatory mechanisms.

Among the lipid modifications, S-Palmitoylation is one of the most interesting, and recent data have shown that around 10 percent of the human proteome may be palmitoylated, and moreover that this PTM is reversible. Reversibility of PTMs is a property often observed in biological systems involved in the regulation of protein functions and degradation.

Using computational modeling we want to identify all the proteins that play a role in palmitoylation events and the interaction between them and their substrates, with the final aim of reconstructing the ER palmitoylation network, where the synthesis of proteins and lipids occur. Analysis of the palmitoylation network model will provide new insight into the impact of palmitoylation on ER function (including protein and lipid synthesis) regulated by this PTM.

Keywords: Palmitoylation, endoplasmic reticulum, post-translational modification, lipids



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