Comprehensive Analysis of Transcription Factor – Promoter Interaction In Vitro and In Vivo

Unveiling the interactions between transcription factors and promoters requires cutting-edge multidisciplinary research coupled with high-throughput quantitative biochemical methods in order to derive a mechanistic understanding of transcriptional regulation. Such studies will bring about both fundamental understanding of the complex interactions between proteins and promoters in transcriptional networks, and the ability to engineer such complex systems in the near future.

This project is focused on determining the functional consequences of promoter architecture in order to develop a quantitative model of gene expression. It involves state-of-the art microfluidic platforms such as MITOMI and kMITOMI, computational modeling, as well as synthetic and molecular biology approaches.

Specifically, we will focus on interactions of the PHO4 transcription factor with its targets in the S. cerevisiae genome and the role that multiple adjacent binding sites play in promoters.

Keywords: Transcription factor, MITOMI, promoter architecture, binding energy landscapes, biological networks, molecular interactions



 Ivan Istomin

Ivan Istomin
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