Single-Molecule Study of Transcription Using Nanopore Based Force Spectroscopy

In this project, single molecule study of transcription is proposed. The motivation of this project is to understand the dynamics of transcription. In order to fully understand processes in living organisms, all molecular interactions need to be considered and all fundamental physical parameters need to be established. To elucidate the fundamental physical parameters of transcriptional molecular mechanics we intend to use single molecule study of transcription using nanopore-based force spectroscopy. Force spectroscopy is a single molecule technique where molecules are mechanically stretched and their response recorded in real time. Such studies could show how RNAP translocation is applied in the molecular and mechanistic terms. Nanopore-based spectroscopy could give a more detailed view of the kinetic of transcription. Single molecule measurements provide complementary information to bulk assays that have traditionally been used for the analysis of transcription.

Keywords: Nanopores, Biosensing, RNA Polymerase



 Camille  Raillon

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