Analysis of Cancer Heterogeneity

Tumors consist of cell populations that differ genetically and phenotypically. The various subclones may respond differently to treatment. Therefore it is crucial to understand the intra-tumor diversity to design a customized treatment that targets the entire neoplasm. We analyze two biopsies of the same tumor together with a normal sample from the same individual. Our analysis is based on next-generation sequencing exome and transcriptome data from renal cell carcinoma patients. The goal is to explore the heterogeneity within the tumor. We will attempt to reconstruct its evolution and detect patterns of co-mutations or interactions among the subclones. This forms an important step towards understanding tumor heterogeneity.

Keywords: Tumor Heterogeneity, Renal Cell Carcinoma, Next-Generation Sequencing, Interacting Subclones



 Ariane Hofmann

Ariane Hofmann
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