International Projects

Picture: Martin Oeggerli, supported by Matthias Junker, University of Trier

As a partner in the European research network ERASysAPP, has participated in two transnational calls for proposals. The goal of these joint calls was to improve the coordination of systems biology research, and to foster scientific exchange across national borders. In order to strengthen international collaboration, only projects involving researchers from at least three of the participating ERASysAPP countries were eligible for funding.

Twelve projects were approved as a result of the first and second transnational ERASysAPP calls. Six of these twelve projects involve Swiss research groups, to which has contributed a total of CHF 2.34 million.

Alongside the first call for proposals, the project FAIRDOM was initiated. This project promotes the exchange and long-term use of systems biology data and models at a European level. It provides support for projects funded by ERASysAPP as well as others. has contributed CHF 750,000 towards FAIRDOM.