Research, Technology and Development (RTD) Projects

Research, Technology and Development (RTD) Projects are large integrated research projects. They focus either on the in-depth analysis of a particular biological system, and/or on the development and implementation of a new technology.

Interdisciplinary and inter-institutional research

A RTD Project is proposed and led by a principal investigator (PI). His/her institution is responsible for the administration, coordination, and scientific reporting of the project. Nevertheless, several research groups representing complementary fields contribute to reach the main RTD project goals. 

The minimum requirements for an RTD project proposal explicitly prescribe the formation of a consortium of typically three to eight research groups from different disciplines and the involvement of at least two partner institutions.

New generation of RTD Projects

The second generation of RTD Projects focuses on quantitative biology, taking into account the relevant developments in theory and modeling. Another focus is the potential application of research results in the medical field. Ideally, projects will involve hospitals or private companies, therefore not only taking into account the future of systems biology research in Switzerland, but also allowing for potential collaborations with industry, small to medium-sized enterprises or spin-offs.

RTD Projects (approved in 2013)


RTD Projects (approved in 2012)


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