IPPs 2008

Interdisciplinary Pilot Projects (IPP) Approved in 2008:

  1. Automated Spine Analysis in 4-D to Track Activity-dependent Changes in Neuronal Connectivity 
    Co-applicants: Dr. Thomas Oertner (FMI); Prof. Thomas Vetter (UniBS) 

  2. Decoding Mechanisms of Polarity Establishment in C. elegans Embryos 
    Co-applicants: Prof. Pierre Gönczy (EPFL); Prof. Felix Naef (EPFL)  

  3. Development of Techniques for Analyzing the Trypsin-resistant Proteome (TReP) 
    Co-applicants: Dr. Manfredo Quadroni (UniL); Dr. Frédérique Lisacek (SIB)

  4. Exploration of Nanocoils for 3-D Imaging of Biological Samples 
    Co-applicants: Prof. Bradley Nelson (ETHZ); Prof. Ueli Grossniklaus (UZH) 

  5. Fine and Robust Segmentation of Adult-born Neuron Development in 4-D two-photon Microscopy 
    Co-applicants: Dr. Vincent Lepetit (EPFL); Prof. Alan Carleton (EPFL) 

  6. Genome-wide Analysis of Anti-sense RNA Induced Epigenetic Modifications in the Yeast S. cerevisiae 
    Co-applicants: Dr. Françoise Stutz (UniGE); Dr. Lars Steinmetz (EMBL)        

  7. Laboratory Evolution of the lac Systems in S. aureus 
    Co-applicants: Prof. Sven Bergmann (UniL); Prof. Jacques Schrenzel (UniGE); Prof. Matthias Heinemann (ETHZ)

  8. Plant Interaction Networks 
    Co-applicants: Prof. Bernhard Schmid (UZH); Dr. Prasenjit Saha (UZH); Dr. Jasmin Joshi (UZH)

  9. Printing 3-D Multicellular Tissue Mimetics Microscopy 
    Co-applicants: Prof. Jürgen Brugger (EPFL); Prof. Matthias Lütolf (EPFL); PD Dr. Andreas Zisch (University Hospital Zurich)

  10. Structure and Genesis of Evolving Networks
    Co-applicants: Prof. Louis-Felix Bersier (UniFR); Prof. Christian Mazza (UniFR)
  11. The Pluripotent Stem Cell Niche: a Model System to Understand Intracellular Feedback and Cellular Differentiation
    Co-applicants: Dr. Bernd Wollscheid (ETHZ); Prof. Peter Zandstra (ETHZ); Prof. Lukas Sommer (UZH)

  12. Towards the Modeling of KRAB/TRIM28-mediated Epigenetic Regulation 
    Co-applicants: Prof. Didier Trono (EPFL); Dr. Philipp Bucher (EPFL)



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