TFs 2014

Transfer Projects Approved in 2014:

Title: Harnessing the immunome’s potential to fight cancer: evaluating synergistic antibody drug conjugate – immunotherapy treatments for cancer by comprehensive systems biology analysis
Applicant: Prof. Alfred Zippelius (UniBas/USB)
Industry partner: Dr. Ulf Grawunder, NBE-Therapeutics
Scientific Fields/Keywords:

  • antibody drug conjugates
  • immunotherapy
  • cancer
  • immune response
  • tumor microenvironment

Title: MoDeLoMX - MacrOphage DiffErenciation LOgical Modeling
Applicant: Prof. Ioannis Xenarios (SIB)
Industry partner: Dr. Martin Ebeling, F. Hoffmann-La Roche
Scientific Fields/Keywords:

  • Modeling regulatory network
  • Experimental design