Game Theory Explains Social Interactions of Cancer Cells

Researchers at the University of Basel and the University of East Anglia were able to predict the interactions of cancer cells using game theory. Their results have been published by the scientific journal PNAS.

This research was supported by RTD Project Cellplasticity.

Read the article published by the University of Basel on Uni News »


IBM becomes partner welcomes the IBM Zurich Research Laboratory (IBM ZRL) as a new partner organization. The world-renowned private research institution has recently started building up its own systems biology division, and has a strong background in nanotechnology, computational sciences and modeling. Furthermore, the IBM ZRL has already been involved in a Transfer Project with pathologists from the University Hospital Zurich. - now with 14 Partners»


New board members

With the beginning of the new year, Detlef Günther, Vice President Research and Corporate Relations at the ETHZ, has become chairman of the Board of Directors (BoD). In addition, Bart Deplancke has joined the Scientific Executive Board (SEB) as a new member. more»


New Brochure and Project Overview

The new Brochure is now available in three languages: Brochure in English    Brochure in German    Brochure in French
See also the new Project Overview with all projects from 2012 onwards: Project Overview (in English only)
For hard copies please contact communications(at)

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