A step closer to personalized medicine

The PCT SWATH mass spectrometry technology, developed at ETH Zurich with the support of, is the key technology at the newly created ACRF International Centre for the Proteome of Human Cancer (ProCan) in Australia. This technology will be used to rapidly and simultaneously measure precise levels of many thousands of proteins in very small cancer biopsies.détails »


Monitoring cell fates

An international team of researchers led by ETH scientists has been studying the factors influencing the development of different blood cells. Their research shows that certain molecular mechanisms are not as relevant as previously assumed. This finding helps to improve our understanding of diseases such as leukaemia and anaemia.
This research was supported by a IPhD grant.
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Protein pairs make cells remember

Even single cells are able to remember information if they receive the order from their proteins. Researchers at the University of Basel’s Biozentrum have discovered that proteins form pairs to give the signal for storing information in the cell’s memory. The results of the study have now been published in “Cell Reports”.
This research was supported by the RTD Project StoNets.
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Ein beinahe magischer Blick ins Gehirn

Synapsen und ihre molekularbiologischen Details sind eigentlich zu klein für eine Untersuchung mit dem Lichtmikroskop. Forschende der Uni Freiburg haben nun aber eine Methode angewendet, dank der man trotzdem einzelne Proteine bei den Verbindungen der Nervenzellen „sehen“ kann. Das eröffnet neue Möglichkeiten bei der Untersuchung von Lern- und Erinnerungsvorgängen.
Diese Forschungsarbeit wurde von unterstützt (RTD-Projekt SynaptiX)
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