Logo Download

Here you can download the SystemsX.ch logo in different file formats:

For color print products (e.g. poster, flyer): SystemsX.ch_cmyk.eps
For black and white: SystemsX.ch_sw.eps
For web applications: SystemsX.ch_web.jpg
For Powerpoint and Word documents: SystemsX.ch_rgb.jpg

If you are looking for another file format or a SystemsX.ch project logo, please contact the SystemsX.ch Management Office: communications(at)systemsx.ch.

Please note that the SystemsX.ch logo is protected by copyright. Use of the logo is only allowed within the context of SystemsX.ch research projects or the initiative as a whole. If you wish to use the SystemsX.ch logo in another context, its use must first be approved by the Management Office: communications(at)systemsx.ch.


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