19.04.2018 à 20.04.2018

Annual Swiss Proteomics Meeting 2018 - Montreux, Switzerland

The LS2 Proteomics Section aims to reach out to researchers who are interested in proteomics, but are not necessarily experts in the field. This meeting is therefore a great opportunity for PhD students, postdocs and group leaders to learn from & connect with researchers using advanced mass spectrometric strategies in order to obtain insight into the mechanisms behind dynamic biological processes. The meeting will be held from April 19-20 in Montreux.
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07.05.2018 à 25.03.2018

Short Course in Systems Biology: A foundation for interdisciplinary careers - University of California, Irvine, USA

This three-week intensive course will take place on the University of California, Irvine (USA) campus from May 7 - 25, 2018 and will include lectures, laboratory modules and a variety of skill-building exercises aimed at researchers of all levels from graduate school through faculty and industry researchers. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis.

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07.05.2018 à 25.03.2018

Short Course in Cancer Systems Biology - University of California, Irvine, USA

This three-week lecture/laboratory course aims to provide training at the interface between cancer biology and systems biology, and is presented by the Center for Complex Biological Systems of the University of California, Irvine. The main goal of our course is to provide a diverse group of participants an intensive program to bridge individual training deficits and facilitate entry into the cancer systems biology field, and to provide a high-level systems biology exploration of issues in current cancer research. The intensive course will take place on the UCI campus from May 7 – 25, 2018.

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04.07.2018 à 06.07.2018

7th International Conference on Systems Biology of Mammalian Cells - Bremen, Germany

SBMC 2018 will take place from July 4-6, 2018 at Jacobs University Bremen, Germany. The conference is devoted to the power of systems medicine and the implementation of systems biology approaches in medical research and medical practice. Contributions for talks and posters are welcome, and there will be an additional program of hands-on workshops. Online registration closes on June 24.

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