04.10.2012 à 07.10.2012 Student Retreat 2012 - Engelberg

This years’ PhD Student Retreat offers not only an ideal platform for exchanging experiences and expert knowledge but also an opportunity to learn about the importance of the «Human Factor» in the context of science.
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16.10.2012 à 17.10.2012

Systems Biology Europe Conference and Exhibition - Madrid

Systems Biology Europe will be exploring the process of acquiring knowledge from large sets of biological data obtained through omics approaches to offer researchers a systems-level perspective of disease.
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21.10.2012 à 25.10.2012

FOSBE Conference 2012 - Tsuruoka, Japan

Foundations of Systems Biology in Engineering (FOSBE)
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29.10.2012 à 02.11.2012

Advanced Course Metabolomics for Microbial Systems Biology

Location: Delft University of Technology, Netherlands
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