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Newsletter  |  March 4, 2013

Summer School 2013 in Barcelona: Registration

The Summer School “Modeling for Systems Biology” is a joint initiative from the CRG and SystemsX.ch and is supported by the new European network, ERASysAPP. 
The course takes place June 9 to 14, 2013 at the PRBB in Barcelona.
More information and registration »

Systems Biology of Human Disease 2013

A highlight of the event calendar 2013 is the International Conference on the Systems Biology of Human Disease (SBHD), which takes place, June 12 to 14, at the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) in Heidelberg. SystemsX.ch is co-organizer of the conference. More information and registration »
SystemsX.ch has a limited number of free registrations for its researchers. If you're interested, please contact: jens.selige@systemsx.ch.

New SEB members

Three new members joined the Scientific Executive Board (SEB) of SystemsX.ch in January 2013. The new members are Alexandre Reymond (UniL), Ioannis Xenarios (SIB) and Felix Naef (EPFL), who replace former members Ian Sanders (UniL), Ron Appel (SIB) and Melody Swartz (EPFL).
SystemsX.ch thanks the former members for their commitment and welcomes the new members to the board. Overview SEB members »

Last call for RTD proposals within SystemsX.ch

The 8th SystemsX.ch call for proposals, issued in February 2013, invites researchers to submit new RTD and Transfer Project proposals. Submission deadline is June 30, 2013. This is the last call for RTD proposals within SystemsX.ch! 
Read the 8th call »