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Newsletter  |  November 19, 2014

2nd International SystemsX.ch Conference in retrospect

From October 20 – 23, 2014, over 350 people working in the field of systems biology traveled to Lausanne to participate in the 2nd International SystemsX.ch Conference on Systems Biology. The conference, which took place in the new Swiss Tech Convention Center at the EPFL, boasted a full scientific program including talks by world-renowned international as well as Swiss researchers.

Results of the 10th SystemsX.ch call

The SNSF Presidium has approved nine projects in the new Medical Research and Development (MRD) Project category, and two new Transfer Projects (TF).

Preannouncement: 11th SystemsX.ch call

In mid-December 2014, SystemsX.ch will launch its 11th Call for proposals. This will be the last SystemsX.ch call for PhD and postdoc projects. Young scientists and research group leaders are invited to submit proposals for Transition Postdoc Fellowships (TPdF) and Interdisciplinary PhD Projects (IPhD), respectively.