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Newsletter  |  November 22, 2012

The new SystemsX.ch webpage goes live!

Well-presented, user-friendly, modern and dynamic. With these attributes, the new website of SystemsX.ch is intelligible and to the point. In addition to its optimized presentation of information about systems biology and SystemsX.ch, it also provides users with new tools to facilitate networking within the research community in an attractive way. more »

PhD Retreat 2012: «It was mind-blowing!»

This is how Artur Yakimovich (UZH) summarized this year's PhD student retreat. And he wasn't alone with his opinion. Without exception, participants praised the new format of the event. They also sang the praises of the two communications experts, Sašo Kocevar and Hilde Janssens, whose valuable input will certainly be of great value to the participants in their future careers. more »

SystemsX.ch goes YouTube

With immediate effect, SystemsX.ch will provide professionally produced short films of selected projects, which show the attractiveness of systems biology research and the success of SystemsX.ch to a wider lay audience. The first item posted shows the exciting story of how the researchers working on the RTD Project «Plant Growth» want to fight hunger in Africa.
Would your research be suitable for a video post? If so, get in touch with us at communications@systemsx.ch.