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Newsletter  |  September 24, 2013

Handover in the SEB

In June the Board of Directors elected the SystemsX.ch Scientific Executive Board (SEB) for the period 2013-2015. The official handover took place on September 20: Six new members joined the SEB. They are Jacob Koella (UniNE), Matthias Lutolf (EPFL), Roger Schibli (PSI), Jürg Schifferli (UniBas), Hans-Uwe Simon (UniBE) und Evgeny Zdobnov (UniGE/SIB). 
SystemsX.ch would like to thank the former members for their commitment and welcomes the new members to the board. Overview SEB members »

Selected Reaction Monitoring (SRM) Course

In July, SystemsX.ch supported the first Selected Reaction Monitoring (SRM) course at ETH Zurich. The aim of this practical course was to train participants to conduct a complete SRM experiment. In response to participants’ positive feedback, another SRM course is being organized and will take place in February 2014. more »

First transnational ERASysAPP call

There are only a few more weeks to go until ERASysAPP launches its first joint call for proposals! The transnational call on ‘Transferring Systems Biology Knowledge into Applications’ is scheduled to be published on November 1, 2013. With this international call for proposals the ERASysAPP network aims to strengthen collaboration between research centers in Europe and to foster application-oriented systems biology research. more »