Systems Biology of Hepatic Insulin Resistance

According to the World Health Organization, 220 million people worldwide suffer from Type II diabetes. Type II diabetes results from the body’s ineffective use of insulin, mostly as a consequence of obesity. The etiology of insulin resistance is still poorly understood.

The aim of LiverX is to systematically collect and analyze quantitative and dynamic data of the important metabolic networks at the levels of single cells, organs and whole organisms. Together with patients' clinical data, the knowledge gained will be used to develop mathematical models of insulin resistance. Alterations in metabolic control are not unique to Type II diabetes but underlie many other metabolism-related disorders including cancer. The data generated in this project should therefore have applications far beyond the project and provide novel perspectives for diagnostics and therapeutics. 

Systems approach to SyndromeX

This project is a central component of ongoing programs in medical systems biology at the Competence Center for Systems Physiology & Metabolic Diseases, dedicated to molecular systems approaches in the regulation of metabolism and disease states related to the metabolic syndrome or SyndromeX.

Principal Investigator Prof. Wilhelm Krek, ETH Zurich
Involved Institutions ETH Zurich, University of Basel, University of Zurich, University of California, Berkeley
Number of Research Groups 15
Project Duration Nov. 2008 - Dec. 2011
Approved Funds CHF 6.124 million

Updated September 2012 


Prof. Wilhelm Krek
Insititute of Cell Biology
ETH Zurich
Schafmattstr. 18
CH - 8093 Zurich
phone +41 44 633 34 47

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