IPhD Projects 2013

Interdisciplinary Post-Doctoral Studies Approved in 2013:

  1. Exploring response surfaces and synergistic interactions of antibiotic combination treatment for Neisseria gonorrhoeae
    PhD Student: Sunniva Förster (UniBE)
    Mentors: Dr. Christian Althaus (UniBE); Dr. Lucy Hathaway (UniBE); Prof. Nicola Low (UniBE)

  2. Systems Analysis of a Morphogen Response
    PhD Student: Alexandra Franz (UZH)
    Mentors: Prof. Konrad Basler (UZH); Prof. Christian von Mering (UZH)

  3. A massively parallel space-time connected approach based on implicit active contour methods to track leukocytes observed by multiphoton intra vital and confocal microscopy
    PhD Student: Diego Ulisse Pizzagalli
    Mentors: Dr. Santiago Fernandez Gonzalez (USI); Prof. Rolf Krause (USI); Prof. Marcus Thelen (USI); Prof. Michael Bronstein (USI)

  4. Dynamic single-cell analysis through microfluidics-enabled impedance spectroscopy and fluorescence microscopy
    PhD Student: Ketki Chawla
    Mentors: Prof. Andreas Hierlemann (ETHZ); Prof. Jörg Stelling (ETHZ)

  5. QuantX - Quantification of Amino Acid Transporter Interaction through System Identification
    PhD Student: Mehdi Taslimifar
    Mentors: Prof. Vartan Kurtcuoglu (UZH); Prof. François Verrey (UZH)

  6. Numerical models of reaction-diffusion / chemotaxis determining complex patterns of skin appendages and skin coloration: incorporating 3D, growth, and realistic networks of activators/inhibitors
    PhD Student: Antonio Martins (UniGE)
    Mentors: Prof. Michel Milinkovitch (UniGE); Prof. Bastien Chopard (UniGE)

  7. High-throughput microfluidic single cell analysis platform for deciphering heterogenity in stress-responsive signalling
    PhD Student: Ranjan Mishra (ETHZ)
    Mentors: Prof. Matthias Peter (ETHZ); Prof. Andrew deMello (ETHZ)

  8. Integrating transcriptional and allosteric regulation in central metabolism of E. coli
    PhD Student: Dimitris Christodoulou (ETHZ)
    Mentors: Prof. Uwe Sauer (ETHZ); Prof. Jörg Stelling (ETHZ)

  9. Cause and necessity of metabolic adaptation in human epidermis
    PhD Student: Andreas Kühne (ETHZ)
    Mentors: Dr. Nicola Zamboni (ETHZ); Prof. Manfred Claassen (ETHZ)



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