IPhD Projects 2015

Interdisciplinary Post-Doctoral Studies Approved in 2015:

  1. Nuclear organization of expanded trinucleotide repeats
    PhD Student: Gustavo Ruiz Buendia (UniL)
    Supervisors: Prof. Vincent Dion (UniL); Prof. Ioannis Xenarios (SIB and UniL)

  2. A systems immunology guided strategy for immunogen engineering
    PhD Student: Fabian Sesterhenn (EPFL)
    Supervisors: Prof. Bruno Emanuel Ferreira De Sousa Correia (EPFL); Prof. Sai Reddy (ETHZ)

  3. Molecular mechanisms of stochastic chromatin effector interaction dynamics
    PhD Student: Nora Guidotti (EPFL)
    Supervisors: Prof. Beat Fierz (EPFL); Prof. Vassily Hatzimanikatis (EPFL)

  4. Decision making: a multi-stage approach
    PhD Student: Leila Drissi Dahoudi (EPFL)
    Supervisors: Prof. Michael Herzog (EPFL); Prof. Wulfram Gerstner (EPFL)

  5. Baysian learning of quantal parameters at single synapse resolution
    PhD Student: Emina Ibrahimovic (UZH)
    Supervisors: Prof. Martin Müller (UZH); Prof. Jean-Pascal Pfister (UZH and ETHZ)

  6. Deciphering a prototypical MAP kinase signaling network at the single cell level using a genetically-encodable optogenetic circuit
    PhD Student: Coralie Dessauges (UniBas)
    Supervisors: Prof. Olivier Pertz (UniBas); Prof. Mustafa Khammash (ETHZ)

  7. A systems biology approach to understanding the mode of action of new antibiotics against Gram-negative bacteria
    PhD Student: Alessandra Vitale (UZH)
    Supervisors: Prof. John A. Robinson (UZH); Prof. Leo Erbel (UZH)

  8. Modeling the neural circuit for sensorimotor transformations in Drosophila
    PhD Student: Lucía de Andrés (UniFR)
    Supervisors: Prof. Simon Sprecher (UniFR); Prof. Walter Senn (UniBE); Prof. Christian Mazza (UniFR)

  9. Systems analysis of the bistable transfer competence pathway of a prokaryotic integrative and conjugative element
    PhD Student: Xavier Richard (UniL)
    Supervisors: Prof. Jan Roelof van der Meer (UniL); Prof. Christian Mazza (UniFR)

  10. Evolutionary systems biology: robustness, cryptic genetic variation and innovation in transcription factor binding
    PhD Student: Illaria Sala (UZH)
    Supervisors: Prof. Andreas Wagner (UZH); Dr. Yolanda Schärli Renggli (UZH); Dr. Joshua Payne (UZH)



Dr. Eavan Dorcey
Scientific Coordinator
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