All Day 2010

Fourth All Day
Date: November 01-02, 2010
Location: University of Geneva, Switzerland
Number of visitors: 200
Poster Contest Winner: Simon Blanchoud (EPFL)

Around 200 scientists from various disciplines attended the All Day 2010, hosted by the University of Geneva. Over the two-day event, heads of the RTD and IPhD projects presented short summaries and the current status of their work.

Poster exhibition

At the poster exhibition participants were able to gain an overview of the current research of students. This offered the possibility for lively discussions where participants were able to exchange valuable information and ideas. Most of the 55 posters on display had been entered for the traditional competition. After detailed examination and assessment the Educational Board declared Simon Blanchoud (EPFL) the winner for his poster entitled “Temporal and spatial quantification of embryos made easy”. Fisun Hamaratoglu (UniBS) won second place and Johannes Friedrich (UniBE) came third.

The physical well-being was also taken care of and personal exchanges in a relaxed atmosphere were made possible when invited all participants to a cosy dinner in Restaurant La Cave on the first evening. The stunning interior of the premises and the excellent food enchanted the guests and contributed to a lively atmosphere.


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