All Day 2013

Fifth All Day
Date: May 13, 2013
Location: Zentrum Paul Klee, Bern, Switzerland
Number of visitors: Over 200
Poster Award Winners: Laura Symul (EPFL), Camille Mary (SIB)

The fifth All Day took place in Bern and attracted over 200 visitors. In the artistic ambience of the Zentrum Paul Klee, eight heads of projects presented their new RTD and Transfer Projects. The scientific abstracts were enriched with a poster exhibition. Thanks to the 65 scientific posters, participants obtained a good overview of the current projects of Lively discussions among scientists and a valuable exchange of information took place.

And the winners are ...

The Poster Award this year was again handed out in two categories. The six-member jury, consisting of and members of the Education Advisory Board and the Scientific Executive Board, chose the best three posters in each of the PhD and doctoral categories. “The wide thematic range of the posters is impressive, as well as the number of different disciplines where systems biology approaches are applied”, said jury chairman Uwe Sauer. The first prize in the category PhD student went to Laura Symul (EPFL), for her poster The Circadian Clock Adjusts Post-transcriptional Regulation of the Transcriptome“. The entry from Camille Mary (SIB), entitled “Functional Identification of APIP as Human mtnB, a Key Enzyme in the Methionine Salvage Pathway won the first prize in the postdoc category.

This year two young scientists tied for second place in the PhD student category. Uwe Sauer and Daniel Vonder Mühll, Managing Director, presented the prizes to Thomas Stoeger and Nico Battich, both from the University of Zurich (see photo). The two had submitted a poster each on the same project and were co-authors of the other posters.

Double delight: Thomas Stoeger (left) and Nico Battich tied for second place in the PhD student category.

Networking and gala dinner

The relaxed atmosphere of All Day 2013 was also conducive to a sense of physical well-being and for personal exchanges. A magnificent gala dinner, prepared by star chef Werner Rothen (17 Gault Millau points) captivated the palates of the diners and participants and guaranteed a successful conclusion to the event.