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Newsletter  |  July 30, 2013

SystemsX.ch Retreat 2013: Multidisciplinary collaboration

This year's retreat provides young scientists not only with a great opportunity for scientific exchange and networking, but also with concepts and practical training to improve their skills for a fruitful collaboration in multidisciplinary settings.
The retreat takes place October 2-5, 2013 in Engelberg.
Registration deadline is August 30.
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International SystemsX.ch Conference 2014

We would like to announce the second International SystemsX.ch Conference on Systems Biology, which will take place October 20-23, 2014 at the Swiss Tech Convention Center (EPFL) in Lausanne.
Don't forget to make a note of the date in your diary!

Summer School 2013: „An excellent insight into new approaches in data analysis and modeling“

“Modeling for Systems Biology” was the topic of this year’s Summer School. The feedback of the participants – among them Phillip Ihmor (ETHZ) – is proof of the notable success of this course. The young scientists gained an excellent insight into new approaches in data analysis and modeling and were provided with concepts and skills that they can easily transfer into their daily research activities.
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ERASysAPP – ERA-Net for Systems Biology Applications

Over the next three years, the European consortium ERASysAPP has set itself the goal of enhancing networking and cooperation between institutions and researchers in systems biology in Europe. The launch of joint transnational calls for application-oriented research projects will especially contribute to this. The first transnational call is scheduled for autumn 2013. As a partner of ERASysAPP, SystemsX.ch will keep you updated on the upcoming call.
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