International Cooperation was a partner in the European Network ERASysAPP

In October 2012 the European Commission approved an ERA-NET (European Research Area Network) for Systems Biology with the name "ERASysAPP" (ERA Systems Biology Applications). The coordination of the activities of this European consortium, involving 16 partner institutions from 12 countries, was entrusted to the Research Centre Jülich (Germany), which took up the baton on January 1, 2013. The Swiss National Science Foundation conferred Switzerland's representation in this network on

Promoting European-wide networking in Systems Biology

Over three years, ERASysAPP aimed to enhance networking and cooperation between European institutions and their researchers in the area of systems biology. The launch of joint transnational calls for application-oriented research projects largely contributed to this. These calls required partners from at least three ERA-NET participating countries to jointly submit a research project application. The list of approved projects involving Swiss research groups can be found here: International Projects.

Other priorities of the initiative were:
- the establishment and support of research structures for systems biologists,
- the optimization of the training and continuing education courses, and
- the adaptation of data management systems and standards to enable exchange at
  European level.

Committed to the education of young researchers

Besides participating in various working groups, was charged with the care of "education and exchange" within the scope of the ERA-NET. The duties included the compilation of information about European master's and graduate degree programs, conferences, and courses on systems biology themes. These are still published on the ERASysAPP Website and kept up to date. Furthermore, with the support of the network partners, organized educational events on topics relevant to systems biology.

More information about ERASysAPP is available at


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