Transition Postdoc Fellowships (TPdF)

As an emerging field of research, systems biology critically depends on new innovative impulses, which are mainly expected to come from the interfaces of traditional science disciplines. wants to foster and support young scientists with new ideas and pushing forward the exploration of new research directions. These are the reasons for the launch of Transition Postdoc Fellowships (TPdF), which were published with the 5th call in November 2011. supports the researchers by:

  • taking over the salary;
  • covering the cost of supplies for max. CHF 10,000 a year.

The most important of the conditions are:

  • a significant part of the interdisciplinary research must comprise quantitative measurements and/or the creation of models for the simulation of biological processes;
  • successful applicants must have access to the infrastructure of a partner institution for their projects;
  • the applicant must find a research group in which he or she has not worked before;
  • applicants must therefore work their way into a – for them – new discipline, hence "transition". 

The time frame is limited to two years with an option of extension for a third year.

The 11th call, issued in December 2014, is now closed. There will be no further calls for TPdF Project proposals.


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