TPdFs 2012

Transition Postdoc Fellowships Approved in 2012:

  1. Metabolic Regulations of Human T cell Activation and Differentiation
    Main Applicant: Dr. Roger Geiger (USI)
    Research Group: Prof. Antonio Lanzavecchia (ETHZ)

  2. Robustness of C. elegans development at thermal limits
    Main Applicant: Dr. Aitana Neves Da Silva (EPFL)
    Research Group: Prof. Pierre Gönczy (EPFL)

  3. Cortical tension and stiffness during asymmetric cell division
    Main Applicant: Dr. Tri Pham (UniBas)
    Research Group: Prof. Clemens Cabernard (UniBas)



Dr. Eavan Dorcey
Scientific Coordinator
Clausiusstr. 45, CLP D 7
CH - 8092 Zurich 
phone +41 44 632 74 23
fax +41 44 632 15 64