TPdFs 2014

Transition Postdoc Fellowships Approved in 2014:

  1. High-throughput super-resolution imaging reveals contextual effects in gene expression
    Principle investigator: Dr. Kyle Douglass (EPFL)
    Host lab: Prof. Suliana Manley (EPFL)

  2. Mediation of specificity in mRNA translation by heterogeneous ribosomes
    Principle investigator: Dr. Joao Guimaraes (UniBas)
    Host lab: Prof. Mihaela Zavolan (UniBas)

  3. System biology of scaling: biophysics of gradient expansion
    Principle investigator: Dr. Maria Luisa Merino (UniGE)
    Host lab: Prof. Marcos Gonzalez-Gaitan (UniGE)

  4. The thermodynamic underpinnings of enzyme-enzyme interactions and substrate channeling
    Principle investigator: Dr. Elad Noor (ETHZ)
    Host lab: Prof. Uwe Sauer (ETHZ)

  5. Membrane-based memory formation in bacteria: scaling up from single-cell behavior to the dynamics of populations
    Principle investigator: Dr. Susan Schlegel (ETHZ)
    Host lab: Prof. Martin Ackermann (ETHZ)

  6. Exploiting signaling dynamics to overcome robustness of oncogenic networks
    Principle investigator: Dr. Rohitha SriRamaratnam (UniBas)
    Host lab: Prof. Matthias Wymann (UniBas)

  7. Adaptive noise cancellation in synthetic biomolecular circuits
    Principle investigator: Dr. Christoph Zechner (ETHZ)
    Host Lab: Prof. Mustafa Khammash (ETHZ)



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