How to join is open for New Partners is open to any Swiss university or research institution, excerpted from article 4 of the partnership agreement: "The Swiss universities and research institutions established as separate legal entities which, nationally and internationally, enjoy an outstanding reputation and, on account of their existing resources and strategies in the field of systems biology, are in a position to contribute actively to the achievement of's goals may become Partners of"

Procedure for joining

The procedure mandates the following steps:

Step 1: Institutions that are not yet associated with must submit a formal Letter of Intent. The letter must contain an explication of how or why the applying institution formally fulfills the requirements listed in Article 4 and state the specific way in which it intends to contribute to the Swiss Systems Biology Initiative. The applying institution should consider the following question: "What do we expect from membership in and what can expect from us?" The letter should be addressed to the Board of Directors and mailed to the Management Office.

Step 2: The application will be forwarded to the Scientific Executive Board (SEB), which will discuss it and make a non-binding recommendation to the Board of Directors (BoD).

Step 3: Discussion within the Board of Directors results in a unanimous decision according to Article 5, No. 1 and Article 16, No. 3 (a), (aa) for or against accepting the institution as a partner.

Step 4: In the case of a unanimous acceptance, the institution will be invited to sign the attached declaration.

For general questions, please contact the Management Office.


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Partnership Agreement
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