Every year publishes detailed reports on all its activities. These include scientific and financial reports that are sent to the boards and authorities. They can also be downloaded here. Please note: the reports are only available in English.

The Scientific Report 2016-2017

The main activities in the reporting year were the self-evaluation of the impact analysis of the initiative, mandated by the State Secretariat of Education, Research and In- novation (SERI); the production of a documentary film about the initiative; the organization of the 3rd and final International Conference on Systems Biology; the mid-term review of MRD Projects by the Review Panel of the SNSF; the support of running projects, and the (co-)organization of several training activities.

Activities of the community

The four strategic themes on which has focused since its creation in 2008 are:

  • Excellent, interdisciplinary and inter-institutional science
  • Supporting education and training
  • Promoting public-private partnerships
  • International outreach, visibility and recognition

The contributions of the various projects towards these goals are detailed in the respective reports. In addition, the initiative established new activities to address these four focal points.

The 2016 Financial Report

The financial report predominantly details the distribution and use of funds granted to by the federal authorities. Since's partner institutions are obliged to provide their own contributions to match these funds, the report also covers these figures.

In 2016, distributed a total of CHF 27.4 million, of which 26.4 million were invested in the direct support of research projects. CHF 1.0 million went into administration, quality control by the Swiss National Science Foundation and research promotion and networking events.


Department program of SNF

Scientific Report 2016 - 2017
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Financial Report 2016
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Auditors Report 2016
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