PhD Student Retreat 2011

Third PhD Student Retreat
Date: August 19 - August 22, 2011
Location: Kandersteg, Switzerland
Hotel Victoria Ritter

The PhD Retreat 2011 will provide an opportunity for students to meet each other and learn about the various projects being supported by the initiative in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere. Students will also have the opportunity to practice their presentations skills, share experiences and advice and build their scientific contact network.

Student presentations
The idea is to have a forum for critical discussion and feedback, not simply presenting your latest data to each other. Talks should be informal, brief (15 min, 5 min discussion) preferably using whiteboard (powerpoint if really necessary). Possible topics: a setup of a project, current obstacles that you are facing, a crazy idea for your project that you would like opinions on, new modeling/experimental or computational approach you are finding particularly helpful, how you managed to organize an unexpected but fruitful collaboration etc. Be creative and communicative – you may find a new and very useful collaborator here, for now or in the future.


Dr. Eavan Dorcey
Scientific Coordinator
Clausiusstr. 45, CLP D 7
CH - 8092 Zurich 
phone +41 44 632 74 23
fax +41 44 632 15 64

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