IPPs 2009

Interdisciplinary Pilot Projects (IPP) Approved in 2009:

  1. A Computational High-throughput Platform for Characterizing Transcription 
    Regulatory Interactions
    Co-applicants: Prof. Matteo Dal Peraro (EPFL); Prof. Sebastian Maerkl (EPFL)

  2. Exploration of Chemistry to Map Proteome/Pharmacome Interactions 
    Co-applicants: Prof. Matthias Wymann (UniBS); Prof. Bernd Giese (UniBS)

  3. High-Throughput Proteomic Screens Using Matrix-Assisted Laser 
    Desorption/Ionization Multiple Reaction Monitoring (MALDI-MRM)
    Co-applicants: Prof. Gerard Hopfgartner (UniGE); Dr. Bruno Domon (ETHZ)

  4. How to Bridge the Sequence to Function Gap: Application to Uncharacterized Human Proteins 
    Co-applicants: Prof. Amos Bairoch (SIB/UniGE); Dr. Marco Pagni (SIB)

  5. Quantitative Analysis and Prediction of Protein Glycation
    Co-applicants: Dr. Jean-Charles Sanchez (UniGE); Dr. Frédérique Lisacek (SIB)

  6. Realtime Metabolic Biosensors
    Co-applicants: Dr. Nicola Zamboni (ETHZ); Prof. Matthias Peter (ETHZ)

  7. RootoX: A Systems Approach to Understand How Herbivores Cope with Root-produced Toxins 
    Co-applicants: Prof. Ted Turlings (UniNE); Prof. Jean-Luc Wolfender (UniGE)

  8. Technology Development for High Throughput siRNA-Based Genetic 
    Screens in Mammalian Cells 
    Co-applicants: Prof. Thanos Halazonetis (UniGE); Prof. Jürgen Brugger (EPFL)



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