IPPs 2011

Interdisciplinary Pilot Projects (IPP) Approved in 2011:

  1. A Map of Serotonin Receptor Trafficking
    Co-applicants: Dr. Philipp Berger (PSI); Prof. Ivo Sbalzarini (ETHZ); Dr. Urs Ziegler (UZH)

  2. A System Biology Approach to Analyse Cell-to-cell Communication in Biofilm Formation, Pathogenecity and Multi-drug Resistance in Burkholderia cenocepacia
    Co-applicants: Prof. Leo Eberl (UZH); Dr. Christian Ahrens (UZH)

  3. Development of a Novel Microscopy Technique for Fluorescence Quantification and Imaging in Brain Tissue Involving Large Field and High Resolution Mass Spectrometry
    Co-applicants: Dr. Bastien Rachet (EPFL); Prof. Jürgen Brugger (EPFL); Dr. Bernard Schneider (EPFL)

  4. Identification of Small Molecules Relevant for Patterning and Growth of the Wing Imaginal Disc Using High Resolution Mass Spectrometry
    Co-applicants: Dr. Erich Brunner (UZH); Prof. Konrad Basler (UZH); Prof. Ron Heeren (University of Utrecht)

  5. Interrogating the Single Cell
    Co-applicants: Prof. Heinz Koeppl (ETHZ); Prof. Matthias Peter (ETHZ)

  6. Optimising Fractionated Radiotherapy: "A Systems Biology Challenge"
    Co-applicants: Dr. Elias August (ETHZ/UZH); Prof. Martin Pruschy (University Hospital Zurich)

  7. Predicting the Metabolic Profile of Cells from the Topology of the Universal Metabolic Network
    Co-applicants: Dr. David Russell Johnson (ETHZ); Prof. Martin Ackermann (ETHZ)

  8. System-wide Proteomic Dissection of Molecular Diversity in the Nervous System
    Co-applicants: Dr. Alexander Schmidt (UniBS); Prof. Peter Scheiffele (UniBS)

  9. Predicting HIV Tropism from Sequence Variation Data
    Co-applicants: Prof. Evgeny Zdobnov (UniGE); Dr. Thomas Petty (UniGE)



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